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Bently was once part of Rolls Royce cars and the Bently range was always considered luxury premium sports sedans. Bently was the car of James Bond in the original James Bond books written by Ian Fleming (28 May 1908 – 12 August 1964) and also in the first few James Bond movies.

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Below we have photos and short descriptions of the latest Bentley models available in India. Bentley car top model price in India will be in the region of ₨.4 crores plus. The address of Bentley cars New Delhi showroom is: Exclusive Motors Pvt. Ltd., Hotel Samrat, Lower Ground floor, Kautilya Marg, New Delhi, 110 021, India. Phone + 91(0)11 2412 1717 or 99 7104 5555 and this is the link to Bentley cars India website.

Most expensive SUV in India, the new Bentley SUV Bentayga

Bentley SUV Bentayga may look like this
New Bentley SUV Bentayga

Bentley is considered the most luxurious fastest car sedan in the world. Nobody ever expected them to get into the SUV business, but they did by producing the world's fastest, most luxurious and most expensive SUV - The Bently Bentayga. The Bently Bentayga is now available in India at a starting price of almost 4 Crores. This not only makes the Bentley SUV Bentayga the most expensive SUV available in India but also the most luxurious SUV in India. This is what Bentley said in a press release

"The natural world, along with the company’s founder, inspired its name. Crowning the Northern Hemisphere, to the north of Bentley’s birthplace in England, is the dramatic beauty of the Taiga, the world’s largest transcontinental snowforest. To the south, the rugged peak of the Roque Bentayga in the subtropical Canary Islands draws attention from all directions and a challenging climb rewards with spectacular panoramic views of a rich and diverse landscape."

On the Bentley website this is how they describe their newly released Bentley Bentayga SUV

"The Bentley Bentayga is on its way. Destined to become the world’s first true luxury SUV, it will bring new levels of luxury and performance to the SUV sector market - redefining it, reshaping it and inviting a complete re-appraisal.

It is a journey that is now gathering pace. What began with a design philosophy inspired by light, has grown to encompass the Bentayga’s unmatched materials and craftsmanship. Now, on the final straight before launch, it is the new technological features that take centre stage.

World-leading design, craftsmanship, technology and performance: together, they will propel the Bentayga far beyond the limits of today’s SUVs. Together, they will urge the world to see through new eyes."

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne

This is how Bentley motors describe the Bentley Mulsanne model: "The Mulsanne is much more than a simple pairing of luxury with power. Its fearsome acceleration, for example, is felt not as a sudden blast forward, but as a smooth surge of seemingly limitless power. The character of the V8 engine note, barely perceptible from inside the cabin while the car is cruising, builds to a rich, powerful roar on acceleration when the throttle is opened wide.

For those with the drive to change the world, the Mulsanne is much more than a supremely comfortable car. It is both a place to make plans and a catalyst that can make them happen."

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bently model Continental
Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley motors describe the Bentley Continental GT Speed model as follows: "Whatever road you choose in life, do it from a position of unparalleled power and control.

From the moment your hands grasp the new Continental GT Speed’s sport steering wheel, you’re aware you’re taking control of Bentley’s ultimate two-door coupé. The twin-turbo engine produces an awe-inspiring 635 PS and 820 Nm of torque yet, thanks to the variable power assisted steering – which provides increased economy and reduced emissions – the drive remains precise through the most demanding corner.

The only equal of such limitless power is the exquisite refinement to be found in the Speed’s redesigned cabin, this introduces a more dynamic look to the upholstery, with a smaller, tighter diamond pattern in the semi-aniline hides.

If you love to drive far and fast but insist on travelling in absolute luxury, the Continental GT Speed awaits."

Bentley Flying Spur V8

Bently Flying Spur
Bentley Flying Spur V8

The Bentley model Flying Spur V8 is described as follows on the Bentley motors website: "The Bentley Flying Spur V8 combines an upright grille, large jewel LED headlamps, sharp fender wing vents, a wide body and the Flying Spur's familiar contemporary lines to present a muscular yet elegant exterior design, now further refined with a choice of striking new alloy wheels.

Inside, Bentley's famous craftsmanship is evident throughout, while touchscreen access to the latest in-car technology is provided for both driver and passengers. But it is what's under the bonnet that really sets the heart racing. A powerful 4.0 litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine produces 507PS of power and 660Nm of torque, coupled with a smooth 8-speed quick-shift transmission. It responds to the flick of a finger thanks to the new gear shift paddles on the sports steering wheel. Add Bentley’s renowned all-wheel drive and the Flying Spur V8 delivers exhilarating performance alongside exquisite sophistication."

Bentley cars 2016 specs

These are the detailed specifications of the Bentley cars 2016 Models from Bentley Motors website

Bentley Mulsanne Speed 2016 Specification

Power: 530 bhp / 395kW / 537 PS @ 4200rpm
Max torque: 811 lb-ft / 1100Nm @ 1750rpm
Engine capacity: 6752cc V8
Fuel type: Petrol
Acceleration: 0 - 60mph: 4.8 seconds; 0 - 100km/h: 4.9 seconds
Max speed: 190 mph / 305 km/h
Mileage: City: 5.27 Km/L; Highway: 12.07 Km/L
Kerb Weight: 2685 kg

Overall Length: 5575 mm 18ft 3in
Width Across Mirrors: 2208 mm 7 ft 3 in
Width with Folded Mirrors: 1926 mm 6 ft 4 in
Overall Height: 1,521 mm 5 ft
Wheelbase: 3266 mm 10 ft 8 in

Bentley Continental GT V8 2016 Specification

Max power: 500bhp / 507 PS / 373kW @ 6000rpm
Max torque: 660Nm, 487 lb.ft @ 1700rpm
Engine capacity: 3993cc V8
Fuel type: Petrol
Acceleration: 0 - 60mph, 4.6 seconds 0 - 100km/h 4.8 seconds
Max speed: 188mph / 303km/h
Mileage: City: 7.73 Km/L; Highway: 15.59 Km/L
Kerb Weight: 2295 kg / 5060 lb

Overall Length: 4807 mm / 189.3 in
Width Across Mirrors: 2226 mm / 87.6 in
Width With Folded Mirrors: 1947 mm / 76.7 in
Overall Height: 1401 mm / 55.2 in
Wheelbase: 2746 mm / 108 in

Bentley Flying Spur V8 Specification

Max power: 507 PS / 500 bhp / 373 kw @ 6000 rpm
Max torque: 660 Nm / 487 lb.ft @ 1700 rpm
Engine capacity: 3993cc V8
Fuel type: Petrol
Acceleration: 0 - 60mph/ 4.9 seconds 0 - 100km/h/ 5.2 seconds
Max speed: 183 mph/ 295 km/h
Mileage: City: 7.57 Km/L; Highway: 15.01 Km/L
Kerb Weight: 2417 kg / 5329 lb

Overall Length: 5299 mm / 208.6 in
Width Across Mirrors: 2207 mm / 86.9 in
Width With Folded Mirrors: 1984 mm / 78.1 in
Overall Height: 1488 mm / 58.6 in
Wheelbase: 3066 mm / 120.7 in


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